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Let's know about android mi fingerprint lock

android mi fingerprint lock
Xiaomi MI Theme

Today we will discuss about important Android MI fingerprint lock. 

If you want to know what is this and how apply this on your smartphone, I will try to introduce you in that blog.
among all Xiaomi Android phones, this is the best, but not everyone is talking about it. 

Their tools are enough to convince ourselves. We offers sleek, amazing design, superior quality, innovation and latest technology at low prices range. Everything with this Xiaomi brand has several reasons to be popular.

Apart from all this, at the top of the list is the MIUI user interface that connects to the hardware. Over time, that will be upgrade with features this become more user-friendly and improve your user experience. however, there is a better setup for this which is available from the official link provided here. 

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Like I mentioned earlier xiaomi MI is about customization and there are lots of options to change it depending on your taste and preferences, be it hardware or software you can easily change xiaomi MI themes anytime, this is really a great example.

So in this blog I am talking in detail about MI Android Theme Fingerprint Lock, you will instantly love the look and design of this theme which you can apply on any of your Xiaomi MI mobile devices.

It has an attractive and cool design that you don't often see in other mobile phone themes. Its eye catching and responds well with a style that represents the latest fashion. Xiaomi MI Theme has a sleek, beautiful and clean design that covers the entire device from the front interface to the apps/software and internal sub-folders.

What is Mi Fingerprint Lock?

This is a theme for Xiaomi's Android devices, be it Redmi or something else. Instantly change the look of your gadget with premium skins, colors and icons for free. If you want to give your mobile a rugged look with fingerprint animation then this can be the best choice for you.

The user interface has perfectly sized icons that are well placed and look like great places. All you need to see is the notification panel and you'll quickly notice that it's a clean space with all the details in full tone and highlighted by the new status bar.

Go to notification panel and check app or software icons, settings, phone, messages, contacts, sound panel and file manager. It has all the same design, look, giving it a luxurious feel, but the best part is that the theme is completely free to use and you can already have it on your Xiaomi device.

This theme works perfectly on any Xiaomi branded device, even Redmi with MI or at least MIUI 11 checkout and give your phone a brand new look. Your perfect collage with great colors, design compatibility and premium features, all for free.

How to apply Mi Fingerprint Lock?

  1. First Download MI Theme Fingerprint Lock.
  2. Install MIUI Theme Editor from Google Play Store.
  3. Click on the editor app and locate the theme you downloaded from the editors browse option.
  4. Drop the pick or tap, here a prompt will appear to install the theme tap.
  5. This will automatically install the theme. Go back to the theme store and check and you will see recently installed. Tap it and apply.
  6. After that restart, if you find any problem to properly install the theme on your Xiaomi MI mobile, then let me know by commenting, hope you will get the right solution from me.


Is app lock fingerprint safe?
If you lock your mobile phone with your fingerprint, no one can access the phone and see the data used if it is stolen. otherwise, whoever stole your mobile phone can get access to phone data and mobile number, which can be misused.

Which app lock is best?
  1. AppLock
  2. Applock Pro
  3. Ultra AppLock
  4. Smart AppLock
  5. Norton App Lock
You will get the mentioned apps in Google Play Store.

Where is fingerprint data stored?
A key requirement of Android is that fingerprint biometrics must be stored in the Trusted Execution Environment.

Android Mi Theme Fingerprint Lock is an amazing theme for Xiaomi devices using MIUI. You can give your phone a new look by Install it and instantly applying it to the display screen.

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