realme mobile price in pakistan 20000 to 30000

Are you looking for realme mobile price in pakistan 20000 to 30000?

realme mobile price in pakistan 20000 to 30000

Check out the details of realme mobile price in pakistan 20000 to 30000 in this blog post.

Looking for a good smartphone in budget which can give you the best performance? Realme is coming with the best for you! Let's dive into the world of Realme phones under 30,000 PKR in Pakistan. simple, straightforward, and full of options that won't leave your wallet crying.

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Here are the Top 5 realme smartphones under 30,000 PKR, which offer good performance considering the budget.

1.Realme Narzo Series: Power-Packed and Pocket-Friendly

Realme Narzo 30A:
  • What's cool: Big battery (6000mAh) for long-lasting power, and a dual-camera setup for decent snaps.
  • Price: Around 25,000 PKR.

Realme Narzo 30i:
  • What stands out: MediaTek Helio G85 processor for smooth performance.
  • Price: Around 25,000 PKR.

2. Realme C Series: Budget Bliss with Big Features

Realme C25:
  • Budget Hero: Powered by MediaTek Helio G70, a massive 6000mAh battery, and a triple-camera setup.
  • Price: Under 30,000 PKR.

Realme C21:
  • Wallet-Friendly: MediaTek Helio G35 for everyday tasks, a 5000mAh battery for all-day use.
  • Price: Also under 30,000 PKR.

3. Realme 7i: Mid-Range Marvel on a Budget

  • Sweet Spot: Snapdragon 662 processor, quad-camera setup, and a 90Hz display.
  • Price: Under 30,000 PKR (Prices may vary).

4. Realme C25s: Performance Boost on a Budget

  • Powered Up: MediaTek Helio G85 for smooth performance, 6000mAh battery for all-day action.
  • Affordable Adventure: Price under 30,000 PKR.

5. Realme 8i: Balancing Act for Performance and Display

Star Features: MediaTek Helio G96 processor, a 120Hz display for smooth visuals.
Price: under 30,000 PKR.

Pros And Cons

  • Affordable Prices: Realme delivers feature-packed phones without breaking the bank.
  • Impressive Batteries: Models come with substantial battery capacities for all-day usage.
  • Competitive Cameras: Realme maintains a focus on providing good camera setups for budget-conscious users.
  • Limited Flagship Features: Premium features are sacrificed to maintain affordability.
  • Not Latest Processors: Cutting-edge processors may not be present in this budget range.
  • Average Display Quality: While some models excel, others may have a standard display to keep costs low.


Why choose Realme budget phones?
Realme budget phones offer a perfect blend of affordability and impressive features, including substantial batteries, competitive cameras, and smooth performance.

Are Realme budget phones good for gaming?
Yes, With processors like Helio G85 and Snapdragon 662, Realme budget phones handle gaming well. For heavy gaming, consider exploring higher-end models.

Do Realme budget phones have long battery life?
Yes! Most Realme phones under 30,000 PKR come with impressive battery capacities, ensuring your device lasts throughout the day.

Do Realme budget phones include flagship features?
While they provide great value, Realme budget phones may lack some premium features found in higher-end models.

Can I expect regular software updates on Realme budget phones?
Yes, Realme is known for regular software updates. However, the frequency may vary between different models.


Realme smartphones under 30,000 PKR in Pakistan are all about giving you a bang for your buck. Check out the official Realme website or your local store for the latest prices. Your perfect budget-friendly Realme might just be a click away.

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