How to stop spam calls on Android for free | Spam call blocker App

Let's know about How to stop spam calls on Android for free

How to stop spam calls on Android for free

Now we will discuss about stop spam calls on Android for free.

Tired of annoying spam calls on your Android phone? In this blog I will share with you simple and free ways to block your spam calls Let's restore your peace of mind and keep those unwanted interruptions away,

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hopefully working on the rules or working systems in this blog post will help block spam calls.

Spotting Spam Calls:

Identify Unfamiliar Numbers:
  • Look out for numbers with strange prefixes or unusual country codes.
  • Beware of automated voices or pre-recorded messages.

Using Built-in Android Features:

Call Screening:
  • Use Android's call screening to check calls in real-time.
Do Not Disturb Mode:
  • Schedule 'Do Not Disturb' to silence calls from unknown or spam numbers during certain hours.

Free Call Blocking Apps:

  • Get Truecaller for identifying and blocking spam calls. It also let's you report spam number.
  • Hiya helps detect and block spam calls using a vast database.

Carrier Help:

Carrier Call Filtering:
  • Check if your carrier has call filtering services to auto-block spam calls.

Adjust Google Phone App Settings:

Enable Caller ID & Spam Protection:
  • Activate Google's spam protection feature in your Phone app settings.

User-Friendly Third-Party Apps:

  • RoboKiller identifies and blocks spam calls, even engaging with spammers using pre-recorded responses.

Community-Powered Solutions:

  • Nomorobo blocks known spam numbers using a community-driven database.

Advanced Options:

Tasker Automation:
  • For those wanting more control, Tasker allows custom automation for advanced call-blocking rules.

Stay Updated:

Regular App Updates:
  • Keep your call-blocking apps and Android system updated for the latest security features.


How do I stop spam calls on Android for free easily?
Use built-in features like call screening or free apps like Truecaller.

Do phone carriers offer free solution to block spam calls?
Yes, some provide free call filtering services; check with your carrier.

How effective are community-driven apps like Nomorobo?
Very effective; they benefit from shared data.

Any downsides to using solution free?
Some rely on third-party apps; effectiveness may vary.

Can I receive importants call while using this solution?
Yes, essential calls can still get through.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to Use: Solutions are simple and user-friendly.
  • Free of Charge: All suggestions won't cost you a penny.
  • App Options: Pick an app that suits your style.
  • Community Help: Apps like Truecaller and Nomorobo benefit from everyones input.
  • Need Apps: Some solutions require extra apps.
  • Carrier Differences: Results may vary with different phone providers.
  • Not Super Customizable: Some features are there, but you can't tweak everything.

This simplified pros and cons section offers a quick overview of what to expect from the suggested spam call blocking solutions.


Combine these simple steps and you'll enjoy a spam-free calling experience on Android. Be vigilant try different tools and customize your setting to avoid spam call. with these tips and tricks, you can regain control of your mobile phone for free.

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